Frost fans play a vital role in protecting valuable crops from frost damage. To help growers maximize their investment, we’ve compiled answers to the most common questions about selecting frost fan systems.

What are the types of frost fans?

There are two main types of frost fans used for crop protection:

Electric Frost Fans

  • Powered by 3-phase electrical power from the grid/utility lines
  • Can also be powered by generators in remote areas without grid access
  • Offer efficient and reliable frost protection
  • Available in different motor sizes like 15kW (20HP) or 30kW (40HP)
  • Provide coverage of up to 9 hectares (22 acres) per fan
  • Examples: AGI electric frost fans, FrostBoss fans

Engine-Driven Frost Fans

  • Powered by an engine running on fuel like diesel
  • Portable and can be towed to different crop areas
  • Offer adjustable rotation and head angle for different terrain
  • Can generate some noise from the engine and fan operation
  • Provide versatility for frost protection as well as crop cooling/drying
  • Examples: AIM Tow & Blow frost fans, engine-powered wind machines

The key differentiators are the power source (electric vs engine-driven) and whether the fans are stationary or portable. Both types are designed to circulate warm air and disrupt temperature inversions to prevent frost settling on crops.

So in summary, growers can choose between electric grid/generator-powered fans or portable engine-driven fans based on their specific power availability, crop layout, noise considerations, and desired coverage area per fan unit.

What power do the frost fans use?

Diesel, gasoline, propane, liquid petroleum gas, natural gas, or electricity.

How much area can a frost fan cover?

Although some manufacturers did not list the coverage area of their fans, but based on the data available, the range of coverage is from 4 hectares (Agrofrost Wind Machines) to 9 hectares (AGI Electric Frost Fan). For more details, see frost fans ranked by coverage area.

How noisy are the fans?

Only four manufacturers posted noise levels. The reported noise levels range from as low as 48 dB (Aria Antibrina) up to 66 dB (Jackrabbit Cold Air Drain). For further detail, see the frost fans ranked by noise level.